Princes Parade is saved!


There are still some concrete blocks and security fencing on the site but the hoardings are now gone and work to replace them with some very low key fencing has started.

Although will be some time before the land between Princes Parade and the Royal Military Canal is back to its beautiful best, the views have been restored and the threat of development is gone.
No decisions have been made about its future and the Council is open to ideas.

New fencing at Princes Parade

The new fencing with some of the remaining concrete blocks and security fencing in the background.

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A reminder…
Although the hoardings have come down the land is still contaminated from its time as an unregulated landfill – one of the reasons why it was unsuitable for development! The new fencing is low and...
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Work starts to remove the hoardings!
The hoardings at Princes Parade are now being dismantled with the intention that they will be put to use at the council’s Otterpool Park development.The work is expected to take two to three weeks...
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Princes Parade Victory Party
Prince Parade has been saved – and to celebrate the achievement by campaigners and thousands of local residents Folkestone’s Tower Theatre is putting on an evening of music, theatre and comedy...
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RMC hoardings-1
Could Princes Parade be fully opened to the public again?
This is the ambition of the Council which has committed to abandoning the plans for developing this contaminated site and is looking into what needs to be done to allow the removal of the hoardings and...
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So when will the hoardings be removed?
At the first full council meeting of the newly elected administration held on Wednesday 21st June Councillor Jackie Meade reflected the impatience of the people of the district when she asked Council Leader...
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Princes Parade is saved
At the first meeting of the new Folkestone and Hythe District Council administration held on Wednesday 24th May, newly elected council leader, Jim Martin announced that while there are a number of obstacles...
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