A new hope

A New Hope for

Princes Parade!

After incredible performances by the Green Party and Labour in the May the fourth elections there will be a new administration and another opportunity to end this costly and unwelcome scheme!

The political landscape has changed!

Before the local elections on May 4th this year there was a feeling that the Green Party in the Folkestone, Hythe and District could make a strong showing and many felt that there was an outside chance that the Conservatives could lose control of the District Council. In the event the Conservatives lost 8 of their 13 seats and the Greens and Labour doubled their numbers to 11 and 10 respectively making a Green/Labour coalition more than likely with the Lib Dems’ 2 seats also closely allied with them.

Before the election there was an agreement between the potential coalition partners that if they had the seats to defeat the Conservatives then the development of Princes Parade would be stopped on the grounds that it is, and always was, not viable.